Solidaritätshungerstreik mit den palästinensischen Gefangenen in Italien

Dear all, below a letter we sent, as a network of solidarity groups from Roma – Italy, to the Italian Foreign Minister to ask to take action with the Israeli government against the collective punishement used against the palestinian political prisoners. We also decided to have three days hunger strike in solidarity with the palestinian politica prisoner and the request presented by them. The hunger strike is joined, among others, by Luisa Morgantini (former Vice President Eu Parliament), Moni Ovadia (director,actor, writer), Giovanni Franzoni (theolog, writer from San Paolo Community), Vincenzo Vita (senator from Democratic Party).

To Guido Terzi di Sant’Agata

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rome, April 4, 2012

Dear Honorable Minister,

we represent a network of associations, movements and individuals united in the struggle to end the
Israeli military occupation, to support the freedom and self-determination of Palestinian people
who have been living in the Occupied Territories since 1967, as well as the application of the International law.

We are writing to ask you to take immediate action with the Israeli authorities in order to save the

lives of Bilal and Diab Thar Halahleh, who have been on hunger strike for 67 days
asking to be released from the administrative detention which Israel illegally applies to hundreds of Palestinian citizens.

We are also asking you to take the necessary steps so that the Israel prison authorities accept the
prisoner’s requests and stop the collective punishment against the hunger strikers, such as repeated and violent body search, interruption of out-of-cell time, fines, solitary confinement, transfers, corporal punishment, denied access to independent doctors and suitable medical treatment.

It has been since April 17, 2002 that Palestinian political inmates have started their hunger strike and
presented several requests concerning the respect of their own dignity and life.

First among their requests is the ending of administrative detention (there are Palestinians
who have been in prison for more than 12 years without any trial), of  solitary confinement and other punishing measures, such as torture and being denied visits by their relatives and attorneys.
This especially applies to prisoners in the Gaza Strip, who have not been allowed to see their relatives since 2007.

The inmates on hunger strike, an estimated number of 2500, are also claiming their rights to education and medical care. In fact, there are several examples, recorded not only by the Palestinian Association for Human Rights, but also by the Red Cross and the Israeli organization Btselem, of inmates who had no access to medical treatments for cancer, injuries, eye problems and inflicted torture.

The prisoners in the Israeli jails are 4700, among which there are 8 women, 190 juveniles, 320 in administrative detention, 19 in solitary confinement, 27 Parliament members, 120 who have been in prison since before 1994, 1000 in need of medical treatment.
Their daily life conditions besides being illegal are deeply inhuman and all this is documented by and, as well as by other organizations among which are
Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

We inform you that, to express solidarity towards the Palestinian prisoners, the solidarity network based in Rome will be on hunger strike for three days, from May 5 to May 7. This initiative has been joined among others by writer, director and actor Moni Ovadia, by Senator Vincenzo Vita, Giovanni Franzoni, member of the Comunità San Paolo, and by Luisa Morgantini, former Vice President of the European Parliament.

We trust in your personal sense of responsibility and in your sensibility and we hope that our appeal, as well as the one coming from the Palestinian Council for Human Rights that we are attaching here will not go unheard.

While awaiting to hear from you we remain at your disposal for a meeting or for any clarification you may need.
Our best regards.

On behalf of the Rome Network of Solidarity to Palestine,

Luisa Morgantini, Nino Lisi, Loretta Mussi


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