Show solidarity with the victims of the Odessa massacre 2nd of May 2018


Buy a carnation flower + Make a sign + take a photo + share!

Write a message, make your own choice or pick what you want:

Peace in Europe now!

Solidarity with the victims of the Odessa massacre!

Stop repression in Ukraina and Russia!

Put the flower and the sign at a public space. Take a picture, say were it is and if you can say who you are and share here:

You can also distribute flyers or share information and links about the Ukrainian conflict and the massacre and tragedy that took place in Odessa May 2 2014.

Why carnation flower? It is customary in Eastern European countries to honor the dead with the help of this flower. Below a photo from the trade union building in Odessa the day after the massacre.


2nd of May 2018

Commemorate the Odessa massacre and tragedy! Solidarity with the victims and their relatives! Build peace in Europe now!

On the 2nd of May 2014 in Odessa in Ukraine 42 people were killed when a trade union house was surrounded by a large progovernmental mob and the house was set on fire. Today the survivors and the relatives of the victims or anyone questioning this attack are repressed. They need our solidarity!

The Odessa clashes

The fire killing 42 people started at the entrance of the building were the mob throw many molotov cock- tails. The people inside who were supporting a referendum for a federal Ukraine died from lack of air to breath or when jumping out of the windows. Many were beaten severely when trying to get away from the fire. This makes what happened a massacre.

This violent mob attack was preceded by street clashes in another part of the city. Here first two progov- ernmental activists and then four pro-federalist were shot to death.

The fact that some organized right wing-nationalists and others started to rescue those caught in the fire after a while when others continued to beat the survivors shows that it was a tragedy and not a fascist preplanned attempt to kill everyone. Yet it was also a mass murder committed by all who with ill intentions threw fire bombs into the building.

Today survivors of the massacre in the trade union house and relatives of the victims are harassed and persecuted. No one has been sentenced for the crimes. The very few accused of attacking pro federalists has been aquitted while profederalists are held in custody year after year accused collectively for rioting.

The fascist organization the Rigth Sector as well as the main stream Euromaidan organization calls what happened this day a victory. Also president Poroshenko uses a similar narrative claiming that he is proud of that ‘’Today Odessa has become very pro-Ukrainian.” As a result of that “Odessa paid a high price on May 2 to see what is happening now if we hadn’t stopped the invasion of separatists.”

A narrative that calls the killing of so many people a victory or something similar is exactly the opposite of what Europe needs. What we need instead to build peace is:

– Stop harassment and persecution on both sides of the conflict, in Odessa, Ukraine, Rus- sia and the EU.

– Demand equally from all actors to implement the Minsk agreement for peace in Ukraine and especially what is necessary to help civilians in the midst of the conflict

– Stop armament and invest instead in social and environmental concerns.

Prague Spring 2 network against right wing extremism and populism
Break the silence about the Ukrainian conflict and distribute this leaflet on May 1! Make solidarity action on May 2 in solidarity with the Odessa victims!

Keep others informed through: Odessa-massacre-613792958972533


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