Inviting Organizations:International Peace Bureau, CODEPINK, World Assembly of Strugglesand Resistances of the World Social Forum, Transform! Europe, Europefor Peace, International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), Peace inUkraine, Campaign for Peace Disarmament and Common Security(CPDCS), Prague Spring 2Local Organizers and Supporters:AbFaNG (Action Alliance for Peace, active Neutrality and Non-Violence),Institute for Intercultural Research and Cooperation (IIRC), WILPFAustria, IFOR AustriaSponsors:CODEPINK, Transform! Europe, Meeting Destination ViennaPlease consider the ongoing updates on the program.Subsequent changes to the program and speakers may occur.Last updated on: 9/06/2023The conference will take place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June.Location:All the participants will get information about the new venue on Friday.Want to support the event?Donate to the event’s bank account:IPS Projektkonto (Förderverein AbFaNG) at ERSTE BankIBAN: AT32 2011 1842 6745 2601BIC/SWIFT: GIBAATWWXXXor to the International Peace Bureau’s Paypal account(QR Code to Paypal Donations)

The goal of the Peace Summit is to publish an Urgent Global Appeal,called the Vienna Appeal for Peace, calling on political leaders to act insupport of a ceasefire and negotiations in Ukraine.The summit will have different parts:A conference to discuss the controversial questions related to theRussian-Ukrainian war, to hear the voices of civil society representativesof the representatives from Russia and Ukraine and the various NATOcountries,who support the aims of the Peace Summit. Participants fromthe Global South will share the dramatic consequences this war has hadfor the people in their countries and emphasize how they can contributeto peace. The conference will focus not only on critics and analysis, butalso on creative solutions and ways to end the war and how to preparenegotiations. This is not only the task of states and diplomats butnowadays more and more also of global civil society.The conference will include a combination of statements, workinggroups, panels of experts and dialogues.After the summit we will contact the embassies of Russia and Ukraine aswell as various NATO-country embassies, and internationalorganizations located in Vienna will take place to meet with embassyrepresentatives and deliver the Vienna Appeal for Peace from peoplearound the world. The summit will also be supported by a send-off fordelegations to visit the capitals of various European countries with thepurpose of meeting with government officials and internationalorganizations. Also further events for late 2023 will be developed.The Peace Appeal

We condemn the illegal Russian invasion in Ukraine. We are fully aware ofNATO’s co-responsibility for this long-term conflict as one of many examples ofviolations of international law. At the same time, we are affected by theconsequences this war and all wars have on societies – from injuries and deathsto the long-term deprivation striking the women who are providing vital careeven in times of war, fighting for livelihood and peace despite violations ofhuman rights. It is destroying the country’s environment and infrastructure,causing rising food and energy prices around the world, exacerbating povertyand hunger – especially in the global South – and threatening the entire worldwith a nuclear war.It is time for the weapons to fall silent and for diplomacy to begin to resolve theconflict. We must counter the logic of war with the logic of peace.Let us gather to discuss the state and the wider context of the Russian-Ukrainianconflict, the positions of our various governments, the efforts, obstacles, andopportunities of the various peace movements and most importantly, how wecan work more effectively to promote a ceasefire and negotiations, and peacefulsolutions as the alternative to war.Peace is not only the task of states and diplomats but nowadays more and morealso of the global civil society. What is urgently needed now is a globalmovement demanding that all parties stop fighting and start talking. Theinternational support garnered by the International Peace Bureau’s Christmasceasefire appeal, the appeals at the UN General Assembly and by manygovernments, even comments from some political leaders of Russia and Ukraineshow that a window of opportunity may be opening.A call for peaceAustria is a neutral country. It is a “UN City” and the home to the Secretariat ofthe OSCE (the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), whichhad been monitoring the situation in the Donbas since the signing of the MinskII agreement.Why Vienna?It is the responsibility of peace movements all around the world and of allpeace-loving peoples to strengthen these efforts. The Vienna Summit for Peacein Ukraine can be a powerful sign of hope and a catalyst for more and strongerpeace actions globally.The future of humanity hangs in the balance;we must seize the moment before it’s too lateJoin the Peace Summit!

General ticket – € 20Reduced for pensioners – € 15Pupils and students – Free entranceFestive concert on the 180th birthday of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Bertha vonSuttner as a prelude to the the International Peace Summit on 10 and 11 June 2023in Vienna.ProgramThe 1st Women’s Chamber Orchestra of Austria founded 41 years ago, highlightscurrent issues: Peace, tolerance, human rights, climate protection, and abolition ofnuclear weapons.As an appeal for peace, works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Gustav Mahler, Arvo Pärt,Dimitri Shostakovich, Hanns Eisler, Johanna Doderer, Nancy Van de Vate, FlakaGoranci, and others.Mercedes Echerer recites thoughts by Bertha von Suttner, Marlene Streeruwitz,Lojze Wieser, and others.Performers/Soloists:First Women’s Chamber Orchestra from AustriaLucia Hall, violinFlaka Goranci. Mezzo-sopranoRecitation: Mercedes Echerer, moderator, actress, cultural activistPlace:Borromeo Festival HallDistrict Office Landstraße,Karl Borromäus Platz 3, 1030 Vienna(5 min from U3 station Rochusplatz)Admission for the concert:Ticket reservation: pick up reserved tickets at 18:30 at the latest)More information (in German): AbFaNG – Action Alliance for Peace, active Neutrality and Nonviolencein cooperation with IPB – International Peace BureauFriday, June 9th, 07:00 PM CESTPeaceConcert


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